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Application Of Granite And Marble Countertops

Granite and marble are the most required natural stone among the builders and homeowners. Due to the wide applications and unique features of granite and marble, most of the homeowners and builders use granite countertops and marble countertops. Granite and marble are used as countertops, because of its durability and resistance power.Granite and marble worktops are said to be the most durable material among the other natural stones. Comparable to the natural stones like limestone, onyx, travertine, [...]

Choose Noble Quality Marble Countertops

Marble elegance shines through the soft, gentle tones that vary in color. Compared to granite, marble slightly more in need when it comes to maintenance. Weighing in on the Mohs scale of about 5 and is considered a soft granite stone.The mineral calcite is an important part of the sheen and glossy marble look even known. Because calcite crystal formations size is small, providing a different luster to the marble table.However, the key mineral also raises caution, a reaction known as etching. You [...]
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