When To Change Forklift Tyres

Worn out tyres put more stress on the forklift machine than normal, simply because the tyre is smaller or because it has spots that cause extra bumping while driving.

To avoid causing permanent, long-term damage to your forklift, make sure your tyres are in the best condition possible and that you do not go too long without replacing old tyres.

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There are a number of things you can check on a monthly basis to know when it is time to replace them. Follow these guidelines for proper forklift tyre maintenance.

Forklift Tyres
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General Wear

If you notice the tread on the tyres wearing thin, it’s definitely time to replace them. Most often, the middle of the tyre will start to look bald with a little bit of tread still visible on the outside edges. In addition to the tyre being smaller than it should, the tyre loses traction, increasing the danger of workplace accidents.

Noticeable Shock Transfer

If a forklift operator notices an increase in the shock transfer from the tyres to his cabin or the load the forklift is carrying, it’s time to take a look at the tyres and possibly replace them.

One of the main jobs of the tyres is to keep the forklift’s load safe from shock in transport, so if the shock transfer is causing damage, something needs to be done.

Other Visible Signs

Obvious damage signs like chunks of rubber falling off, tears in the rubber, or flat spots indicate the need for new tyres as well. In these instances, the tyres need to be replaced as soon as possible.

By continually checking for damage and keeping up with maintenance, workplace accidents involving forklifts can also be reduced.

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