The Echelon Connect Sport Is An Indoor Cycling Bike

Back in the old days if you wanted to get a cycling workout you'd just hopped on your bike and go for a ride down the road, but that's not really how cycling works anymore. With the advent of indoor cycling bikes like Peloton and the Echelon Connect Sport, along with handfuls of boutique spin studios that cost an arm and a leg to go to, cycling has basically become a stationary indoor sport. The funny part about the whole thing is it actually cost more money to buy a indoor stationary bike that can't take you anywhere then it would cost you to just buy a real bicycle from the bike shop. I could stay here and be critical about the indoor cycling phenomenon for hours but the truth is there are significant benefits to riding a bike like the Echelon Connect Sport or the Peloton.

The truth is most of us don't have time to go for a long bike ride outdoors after a long day at work. Or if you want to get a ride in before you go to work in the first place it's a lot more convenient to just get on your Echelon bike if it's already in your apartment. Additionally if you are not motivated to push yourself during your bike ride it's not going to do you much good in terms of physical exercise. So the ability to tune into a instructor who can coach you through your Echelon Connect Sport bike ride is really a huge benefit. If you want to learn more about the echelon bike that is sold by Walmart as a direct competitor to the Peloton indoor cycling bike you can watch the review from TailHappyTV and decide if this is what you're looking for or not.

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