Scoliosis: 3D Models Keep Orthopaedic Surgeons Ahead of the Curve

Orthopedic surgeons who have patients with scoliosis should carefully evaluate the condition of their patients and plan their scoliosis surgery done. Since scoliosis causing spinal abnormalities, it is important for the surgeon to be able to fully check the condition of a particular patient.

Although the two-dimensional image has helped surgeons, new technology gives the surgeon the actual model of the patient's spine that they can hold in their hands and look at from any angle. They also can easily consult with other surgeons and patients using the model. You can get to know about Chiropractic Care USA via Health In Your Hands.

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This ground-breaking technology is being embraced by orthopedic surgeons because it helps them to diagnose scoliosis damage has been done and to plan detailed procedures that can improve the patient's condition. Unfortunately, this innovation has not been a concern of every operation perform this procedure. If you are a patient with scoliosis, ask your doctor if he had heard about this technology and whether he will use it in your care, especially if you are facing a scoliosis surgery.

A patient with spinal scoliosis have a CAT scan or MRI images are used to create an exact replica of the patient's spine. A bone like powder used in the patented production method for forming the model. Doctors can use this model to show patients their specific spinal conditions and explains the procedure he recommends.

Three-dimensional models are accurate to within 1/35 of a millimeter, and give physicians the best way to get the information he needs to make decisions and accurate information on the condition of the spine and scoliosis treatment you. Able to prepare for problems that can occur during operation, which is not revealed by traditional imagery, can mean the result is shorter and more successful.

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