How To Tell If IRS Or TurboTax Emails Are Real Or Fake

IRS or TurboTax Emails: How to Tell If They Are Real

We're fast approaching tax season, and chances are you will be dealing with tax processing professionals and the IRS over the next few weeks to file your taxes. 

Naturally, tax season activities are likely to mean increased calls and emails relating to the same. Unfortunately this is also a time of buyer beware as unscrupulous persons and entities are sending fraudulent emails that on the surface seem to be coming from the IRS.

About IRS Email Scams

The first thing to know about the IRS is that they never send emails concerning problems or asking persons to update their refund status. Therefore, should you receive an email that asks you to click a given link in order to see your refund, or because there is a problem with your return, then chances are the email is a phishing scam.

On the other hand, if you receive snail mail from the IRS, then chances are that is legit. You should in that case, call the agency. 

About TurboTax Email Scams

Another popular email phishing scam, is one involving the use of the very popular TurboTax tax software. This scam can be fairly easy to fall for as the emails come complete with the TurboTax company logo. 

According to TurboTax, scammers send fictitious emails warning of a problem with tax filing. The solution, the email purports, is to click the link in the email to either re-file or recover one's password. Of course, if you do click this link and enter any information, you will invariably fall prone to the scam.

Generally you should be suspicious of and scrutinize any tax emails. To avoid any of the email scams as listed above, you can also:

– Double check the address URL (in the return address bar) carefully for any email sent to you

– Refuse to open the email if you are suspicious

– Remember that legitimate agencies will address you by name

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