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Best Invisible Fence for Dogs

One of the most popular choices in dog fences today are the invisible kind. They don't make your yard unattractive, installation is easier than traditional fences like chain link or wood and they can be less expensive. They will keep your pooch in the specified area relatively easy once your dog becomes accustomed to the boundaries.You will have to decide whether or not you want to go with a wireless invisible fence or if you want to buy the in ground wired system. They both work great, but they [...]

How Much Does A Quality Invisible Fence Cost Installed By Professionals?

The cost of having a fence put in on your property can run into hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the size of the area you want enclosed. That's a lot of money to spend just to make sure your dog stays in your own yard. But, if you are a dog owner, you know they can not be allowed to roam around free. They can be annoying to your neighbors, they can get stolen easily or they can get killed in the road. You can pen them up, put them on a chain or you can spend endless amounts [...]