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Basic Tools Required for Cable Wire Installation

Cable installations and wire handling almost always require a variety of tools. The tools which are needed for cable wire installation depend upon the type of process and also the cable installer. The cable and the wire are just a part of the process and the tools required are the real stars of the show, since they will ensure that the installation is done in the proper fashion.Though every specific item is needed according to the requirements of the job and can vary from big to small, here are some [...]

Safe work procedure for cable pulling

Cable pulling and manufacturing involves many risks. There are various hazards associated to this field. The problem with installation and manufacturing is that people often pursue the shortcuts to obtain the result. It is better to follow the safety manual than to indulge yourself in jeopardy. Here are some tips to undergo a safe work procedure for cable pulling.Courtesy: ecmweb1. Job site layoutThe construction site managers should make sure that the working site should be free of any hazards. [...]