Some Ways in Which the Bible is Liberal

The Bible is liberal. It was a statement that would make the most modern political commentators feel horrified. This article will show you that if the Bible Law is carried out in today's society some modern laws (of course not all) will really have to be liberalized to adjust to the Bible. Secular people claim that the Bible is an ancient book that only speaks to ancient society.

Conversely, scholars from all religions must recognize that the Bible is related to forming modern social values. Everything from the sanctity of life with individual values is revealed in the first and especially the Bible. You will get an all-inclusive bible timeline chart to see the whole Bible at once. 

2004BC slice of timeline

Even the seven-day week and our valuable weekend with leave of work are direct descendants of the Bible Sabbath law. First let's define the word: "Liberal." "Liberal" has many nuances of meaning but for our purposes, we will focus on the fact that liberal means "generous" or "abundant." God's will manifested in God's law is very generous and abundant towards humanity.

God's law, when truly understood, is the foundation of love and freedom. The Bible said, "It is for freedom that Christ released us" (Gal. 5: 1 NASB). Certain defects have tried to draw parallels between the law of Moses (the Bible) and the Hammurabi code (pagan).

Every effort to harmonize these two legal codes is damaged when it is shown that Moses' Law has many provisions to protect the poor while the code of Hammurabi Babilonia is very small. The biblical law is far more human. Moses' law is full of orders to show mercy to the poor and orphans. Under the law of Moses, the rich and affect the restrained of the absolute suppression of the poor.

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