Scoliosis – What You Should Be Conscious Of?

The term scoliosis in Greek signifies twisted, speaking to the C or S-shaped demonstration of their backbone. The prevalence of scoliosis is much more in females compared to males (ratio of 5:1).

You can consult the professional for the ‘scoliosis treatment in Jakarta through‘ (also known as pengobatan skoliosis di Jakarta melalui in the Indonesian language).


Let us discuss the forms, diagnosis, and therapy options for Scoliosis in the current blog post.

Different types of Scoliosis (Classification):

Scoliosis may be structural or non-structural.

Structural: As a consequence of osseous and soft tissue changes, this curve becomes stiffer. It may be of idiopathic(most frequent ), neuromuscular, neurofibromatosis, congenital, mesenchymal, or traumatic source.

Non-structural: It’s could be postural, compensatory, or passing. Compensatory could be attributed to leg length discrepancy in which the pelvis on the shorter side can dip.

The newest trends in a conservative procedure according to SOSORT guidelines (Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Therapy ) are as follows:

Physical treatment: Especially catering to postural control during activities of daily living.

Bracing: consult with an orthotist for it.

Hope this guide has given you some clarity on the status. Have a fantastic day!

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