Physical Therapy For Back Pain

A kind of back pain that can be so excruciating is one where you will feel tingling numbness or even shooting pain traveling down your legs. Your doctor will call this condition sciatica because the kind of back pain you are experiencing is one where pressure is being felt by your sciatic nerves.

Instead of giving you the advice to exercise since you could be suffering from too much pain, the doctor will recommend physical therapy for back pain to relieve your sciatica.

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Physical therapy for back pain can either be passive or active. In your condition, the passive kind of physiotherapy will be your doctor's initial recommendation. You can choose from any of the different options as your source of relief.

Deep Tissue Massage

This kind of passive physical therapy will target what physiotherapists call adhesions or tissues and ligaments that have banded or tensed up rigidly. These adhesions are blocking blood supply, hence, causing pressure on your sciatic nerves.

The deep tissue massage technique will try to restore normalcy by inducing the relaxation of the tissues, ligaments, and tendons and eventually breakdown the banding of the distressed tissues.

Hot and Cold Therapies

The physical therapy for back pain will depend on the cause and the treatment applied. If the distressed area needs more blood to flow into it, heat will be the element to apply as your physiotherapy treatment.

A heat pack or hot compress will induce the circulation of blood and at the same time aim to reduce the muscle contractions in the affected area. On the other hand, cold therapy will address the swelling or inflammation aside from the muscle spasms that are taking place. If necessary, both hot and cold packs will be applied alternately as treatment.

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