Best Golf Hitting Net to Buy This Off Season

The best golf hitting nets are those that don't give you any problems. Too many nets are cheaply made and don't last more than just a couple of really hard drivers hit into them. Some materials immediately rip, or you realize quickly that the harder you hit it, the harder the ball bounces back at you. You can also buy golf practice nets to improve your swing With TheNetReturn Golf Net.

Here are some good tips on choosing the best golf nets.

Make sure the golf hitting net has the strongest netting material- Firstly, if the "netting" isn't really netting at all, but more of a sheet of material, then stay away from those tend to rip, and fast. It's generally agreed that nylon netting is the strongest you can get, and bounce-back is minimized.

How about the size?- Is the golf hitting net big enough to accommodate those offline shots…. ahem, the occasional shank? The good nets will be wide enough with side netting, and tall enough for you to use the lob wedge.

Is it portable/easy set-up and take-down?-You never know when the weather will clear and you want to move the net from the garage or basement to the back yard. Some nets have you pulling poles and pins and tying or untying straps. The best golf hitting nets will be much more portable and easily fold up small for easy transport or storage.

Bounce-Back Factor- Good nylon nets from companies such as Izzo will be constructed to minimize bounce back. These nets are loose enough to absorb the impact and you won't be dodging ricochet bounce-backs.

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