Why Unmarried Couples Need To Meet With A Wills And Estates Lawyer

Unmarried couples should definitely consider wills and estate lawyers if they are living together. The law becomes quite complex when it comes to separation and death in these types of circumstances. Whilst getting married is the best means to get legal benefits, it isn't an option for a number of couples (particularly in cases of same-gender relationships).

In such situations, it is best for the couple to meet up with a will and estate lawyer, who'll help them prepare their house in a manner that benefits both sides of the bunch in precisely the exact same fashion as they were actually married. If you want to hire wills and estate lawyers in Melbourne, visit White & Mason Lawyers website.


The wills and estate attorney will discuss some of the legal disadvantages of being in a real relationship with you, including:

• When married couples become divorced, both entitled to 50% of all assets that were obtained during the union. When a de-facto couple breaks up, however, the court will grant 100% ownership.

• If a party passes away in a simple fact, anything that isn't specifically mentioned in their own will is left for their relatives – not their spouse within a de-facto relationship. This often results in people being evicted from homes by their deceased spouse's family.

By meeting a will and estate counselor, though, a few who are in a true relationship can avoid lots of the problems mentioned previously. In most situations, attorneys will draft legally binding documents representing the couple's living structures, that all property obtained in the entire relationship is joint property, which people who have severe illness or even death. The spouse in the position has property and health care rights.

Should you and your spouse are living in a genuine connection and have no immediate wedding programs, it is strongly encouraged that you meet a will and estate lawyer to ensure you receive legal benefits. 

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