Ways To Feel Dateable While Happily Divorced

Being happily divorced doesn't necessarily mean that you feel up to the challenge of dating again. Being used to a certain way of life for so long may have left you feeling comfortable and having certain expectations out of a relationship. 

Now that that comfort zone is gone, you may feel insecure about getting back into dating. This is natural in divorce recovery, and you're not the first person to go through it. For more information about getting divorced in  Australia you can visit https://www.kpl.net.au/separation-and-divorce/.

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This is the chance to rediscover who you are outside of your marriage; your identity may have been wrapped up with your partner so much that you forget you're a separate person. Going through a divorce shatters that reality, and you have to reconstruct your image from the ground up.

Become physically confident

Post-divorce, it's important that you reexamine what makes you feel alive again to regain your self-confidence. Whether it's going out to bars or dancing in clubs, even by you, it's a great distraction from the stress of divorce and strengthens coping with divorce depression. 

Build a new social circle

As a married couple, you and your ex-spouse may have built your circle of friends that had similar interests. In moving on from divorce, however, it can be a battle of "sides", essentially splitting the circle apart between you and your ex-partner. Set some time apart to introduce new people into your life who are not connected to your ex. 

Reinvent your wardrobe

There is little expectation to look hot all the time for your spouse during your marriage. This may have left your wardrobe looking a bit outdated and/or shabby. Give yourself a new look, so that you transform yourself from divorced to happily divorced. 


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