Does Your Pool Need A Cover?

Pool covers are one of the best investments a pool owner can make. Extend the swimming season by keeping the water warm and preventing loss of water and energy through evaporation. If you have a heated pool, a properly installed pool cover can save you up to 40-50% in energy costs right away.

The advantages of the automatic safety pool covers:

Reduce evaporation: cover the pond to keep evaporation to a minimum. The central pool can lose up to 5 mm of water a day through evaporation. By using a pool cover regularly, you can reduce this water loss by up to 95%.

Improve water purity: up to 90% of impurities such as dirt, leaves, insects and ducks can be kept away from the pond with a well-installed pond cover. It also improves the water quality in the pool and reduces the cleaning system.

Reduce Total Chemical Costs in Pool: Adding a pool cover can also reduce the amount of chlorine in the pool that is lost due to the UV rays of the sun and reduce the amount of stabilizer needed.

Extend bathing season: Cover can increase pool temperatures by about 6-8 degrees Celsius in pools that receive sunshine.

You can get the full info about types of pool cover via online resources.

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