Applications of Encapsulation Film Machines

The market has many applications for encapsulation. There are a variety of encapsulation films available for each encapsulation machine, available in small to large sizes for the various types of encapsulation work required.

Encapsulation is widely used in homes, schools, offices and businesses that need protection for their documents and products.You can find encapsulating machines attesequipmentsupplier.


The encapsulated film can be available in a variety of forms for specific applications. Shrink film is a type of encapsulation film widely used in household and grocery stores to package and protect products from damage while maintaining or extending their service life.

Small film is also widely used to package DVDs, software boxes, soaps and chocolates. Small and medium-sized businesses can choose an encapsulation machine such as an I-bar with a suitable seal. The I-bar encapsulation machine is basically a shrink packaging machine designed to laminate small to medium volumes.

General system

If the product is sealed with an encapsulated film, a special heat gun is used to compress the film firmly. It only takes a few minutes to complete the shrinkage process as the heat gun gives off intense heat to shrink the film. The operator should move the product around the heat gun to shrink all sides of the product for a sturdy housing. However, the heat tunnel will also accelerate shrinkage with uniform product heat.

The encapsulation machine consists of several components. Roll of encapsulation film, heat gun and some spare parts. Some can be sold without certain spare parts; Therefore, consumers must be vigilant in their purchases.

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