Used CNC Machines: How Do They Compare to New Ones?

Buying a used machine rarely prefer to buy it new, but there are some advantages to buying aftermarket CNC machine. If you need new woodworking machinery, you might be interested in buying them secondhand cost savings, but were reluctant to invest in pre-owned equipment. If so, the following considerations might change your mind.

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Comparing CNC Machine Used for New Ones

A CNC machine is a significant investment, one that encourages many woodworkers consider buying it used instead of new. Below, used CNC machines compared to the new one about what is important for professional woodworkers: cost, performance, reliability, technological advances, and the resale value of a machine.


At the low end of the mid-grade and hobby grade router found in woodshops. Great at the high end, the high capacity industrial model found in commercial woodworking enterprises. Because hobby-grade and mid-grade routers have a limited lifespan and quite affordable, buy them new is usually the best choice. In contrast, the high cost of an industrial-grade router and long life makes it worth buying secondhand.

Depending on the degree of wear, the technology, and the rest of age, the former router can cost between 20% and 70% less than a comparable new design. If you need to stretch your equipment budget, buying a used router can create valuable income.

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