Tampa Cigar – A Right Cigar Choice For Gifting

Do you have a cigar-smoking  husband or father ?  Here you will get everything you need to know about the perfect cigar gift.

Type of cigar, based on size

There are different ways to categorize cigars: size, shape, thickness, their country of origin and the way they are produced. The most common way to categorize a cigar is in 64ths measured by size, that is the length of the cigar in inches and ring size (diameter cigar). 

There is actually a name associated with each cigar length and ring size, and these are the cigar names that you are comfortable with.  The giant style cigar is a ring size of 52 and 9 inches in length. There are amny types of cigar like handrolled or machine made. But always go for tabanero cigars if you want to expeience a great cigar.

Colors, shapes and hand-rolled

After choosing the size of a cigar based, you narrow your selection by beginning the color of the outer wrapper color  And the shape of the cigar. Flared, conical, pyramids are the basic forms. And do not buy the cheapest cigar tabanero hand-rolled should be your only choice. It is estimated that nobody can ever have the true joy of cigar smoking with machine-made cigars. 


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Start with mild-flavored cigars

If your gift is for an aspiring cigar connoisseur initially you can purchase several different sizes / types of cigars in your area. Choose mild cigars for the first and work your way to a stronger aroma. 

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