How can a runner get the right running shoe for them?

The relationship relating to the use of the best suited running shoe and having a running injury is a controversial theme. You will find strongly held beliefs for both sides of this argument and there is very little research to help you resolve the controversy. The concept is that a runner needs the correct athletic shoes for their biomechanics to avoid an too much use injury from occurring, so if an unacceptable shoe may be used there is an higher chance for an overuse injury. Nonetheless, the actual evidence which backs up that widely used content is simply not generally there ultimately causing the opinions and arguments concerning this issue. The athletic shoes marketplace is worth many billion dollars and as much as fifty percent or maybe more athletes can get an injury each and every year, thus quite a bit is at risk with this discussion.

During a recent edition of the podiatry live show, PodChatLive the show's hosts talked with the runner and also podiatrist Michael Nitschke about this issue and what factor, in general does the athletic shoes play in overuse injury. Additionally they particularly reviewed a different running shoe made by Nike which they say will lower the running injury prevalance. There is some Nike funded research that backs up this claim, but that studies have not yet been released ultimately causing a great deal of opinion and even more adding to the debate on this issue. The PodChatLive was important since it considered all of the difficulties without having to take either side or another. The 2 hosts and Michael Nitschke are all runners themselves and also have to produce options not merely for what running shoes that they are likely to run in but also make suggestions for their patients which they see with clinical issues. This ought to be carried out in the circumstance of the doubt considering the evidence that supports the prescription and use of running shoes. Most importantly, they think that comfort has become the important aspect to consider when making judgements concerning running shoes.

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