How Can Thumb Sucking Be Harmful?

If the thumb or finger sucking mouth shape affects your child, you often will be able to see your child in primary teeth. Usually, if a baby tooth is being affected by a thumb or finger habits, their palate, supporting bone, and permanent teeth are also being affected by the thumb or finger habits. 

To break the habit of thumb sucking parents can use the world’s #1 resource of thumb guards for thumb suckers. Some of the general results of the old thumb or finger sucking are the narrow palate, open bite, and crossbite.

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  • Narrow Palate

  • Overbite and crossbite

What happens if this problem is not treated?

A narrow palate, crossbite, open bite, and alignment problems other than the impact of a much more visible way your child's teeth. 

They can make mouth breathing, poor tongue posture, sleep apnea, tongue thrusting, speech problems, and abnormal swallowing patterns. 

All of these problems can lead to other health conditions, and even detrimental to self-esteem and performance in school.

No matter what you try, breaking these habits will only be successful if your child is ready and willing. There are several things you can try to help the children be willing to break the habit. You can check those methods on the internet or on the company's blog page like stop thumb sucking.

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