Know More About WordPress Blog And Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that helps you track the traffic that attracts your WordPress blog. All bloggers want to know how much daily traffic they get for their blog. 

Google Analytics is a free tool that's simple to use and install. When you've signed up with Google and opened your accounts, Google Analytics provides you with a bit of code that you want to add to each page on your website. You can even use one account to track multiple domain names. For information about seo lead generation you may visit

Google Analytics

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How do I add Google Analytics to my WordPress Blog?

This is an easy matter to add Google Analytics code to a WordPress site. All you have to do is paste the HTML code that is given to you from Google Analytics into the footer part of your WordPress site and you can track the traffic data for every page and post on your site. 

This segment is found from the design sheets inside your WordPress theme. The WordPress theme is found in the appearance section of your WordPress admin dashboard. Make sure you put in a filter so that you do not include your visits on your data in a WordPress site.

Types of Google Analytic Filters

There are many ways by which you can add a filter to your WordPress blog and thus filter the information coming to your Google Analytics account.

Exclude all visitors from a particular domain name 

You can use this filter to exclude all visitors from a particular domain name (this could be your ISP or business network, etc.)

Include only traffic to a subdirectory

This may be useful if your WordPress blog is located in a subdirectory of your main domain name.

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