Why Pre-Treatment Preparation For Ibogaine Therapy is Important

The plant alkaloid Ibogaine works as a dopamine blocker that some addicts say eliminate addiction, withdrawal and cravings after just one treatment. 

Found in plant species Apocynaceae, healing substances extracted from plants by boiling grape and root. 

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However, before starting your treatment, it is good for you to prepare yourself mentally. It is beneficial to carefully identify what you wish to achieve through your experience.

In the days leading up to your treatment, try to restore as much peace and balance in your life as possible.

If you are chemically dependent, it is best to arrive for therapy as “in control” of your addiction as possible (“maintenance-mode”) and to be committed to begin your new journey with a strong fundamental mindset to attack your recovery head-on.

For those seeking spiritual refinement, we ask that you work in advance of your treatment to identify those issues you wish to resolve through your ibogaine experience.

Most importantly, be as deeply compassionate and loving to yourself as possible. You are about to embark on “the ultimate journey of forgiveness and healing”. Be kind to yourself and be proud of your decision in choosing to improve your life!

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