Selecting an Ideal Holiday Home For You

Holidays are an integral part of our lives, but what if you could buy a permanent bolt hole in the sun? There is always a risk when you choose a new destination or a different hotel for your time out. 

Just imagine if you had your very own fully furnished penthouse apartment at Melbourne just waiting for you all year around. You can add your own personal touch and do not have to worry about rude hotel staff or guests even ruder.

Selecting an Ideal Holiday Home For You

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Lion View – Cape Town

This is an amazing part of the Cape Province and set along the beautiful Lions Head Mountain. The building was designed by award-winning architect and a myriad choice of accommodation feature.

Venice Beach Eco Cottages – Los Angeles

This is a legendary vacation spot for locals and tourists alike. The Venetian-style beach is the perfect place for an environmentally friendly place to stay this holiday. Featuring a full supply of solar power there are three apartments for the discerning traveler to choose from.

BA Paris Elegance Apartment – Buenos Aires

The number represented by the elegant design of the apartments Argentina. It was converted from the second floor of an old building of the French Embassy of the nineteen twenties. The new design has maintained some classic features of its original guise and this has been mixed with some modern designs.

Inhouse Potts Point – Sydney

A one-bedroom apartment located in the harborside Potts Point, take the first floor of the house late nineteenth century. Tasmanian oak floors and a ceiling height of twelve feet, the spacious residence is recommended for those who want to visit the beautiful city of Sydney.


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