Pink Salt: A Perfect Baking Addition

Pink salt, also known as Himalayan sea salt, is a kind of fine-grained salt that's been used in various cultures around the world for more than three thousand years. It has a luster that's second to none. But you don't have to use it just because you love the color.

Salt is essential for life on this planet. It contains everything from water to the oxygen we breathe. Without it, life on Earth would be impossible. Yet salt is also highly expensive and rare.

Because of its cost, you need to spend some money on your Himalayan pink salt. Many people prefer to buy their salt from companies who package it in containers that are individually labeled. This way they can take their little pieces of the world to the store and try it out in a pinch. If the bottle says it has pink salt, it's a safe bet that it does.

Sometimes Himalayan sea salt can be included in baking mixes or other recipes. When baking, however, the safety of mixing it with anything else is especially important. It should never be mixed with any other kind of salt. You also don't want to mix your pink salt with anything else.

The best time to use pink salt is when you're baking. In the beginning, you can mix the stuff into the dough for breads and cakes but once you've gotten a feel for the temperature of your oven and have been able to gauge what amount of baking time is right for the baking process, you'll find that it makes your baking go a lot faster. Of course, the warmer the temperature, the more likely the baked products will be damaged by the heat.

Instead of baking with brown sugar, consider using dark pink Himalayan sea salt instead. While it won't do the same things for your food, it will still bring out the sweetness of the ingredients you're using. Use it in marinades and in mixing sauces. You can use it to sweeten coffee or espresso.

After you have sprinkled your meal with pink salt, you may need to let it sit a bit. The way you'd do this is to sprinkle it onto the top of the food you're making. If the dish already has some sort of topping on it, sprinkle the pink salt on top as well. You'll have a great finishing touch to your meal.

You may even find that you need to use pink salt to make certain types of meat taste better. Though this isn't always the case, it's worth a shot. Since so many varieties of meat are great with pink salt, you could end up trying a lot of different dishes.

Even if you're making a grilled steak or even skinless chicken breasts, it can help the meat to smell more appealing. If you're going to be cooking for a few people, you may even find that you need to spread the pink salt on the surface of the meat you're going to be cooking, as well.

Also, some desserts use pink salt. Remember, though, that there's more to sprinkling pink salt on your foods than just adding a dash of color. It's also about removing any extra fat and toxins.

You can use it as a binder to hold in any juices that would otherwise drip into your food, like lemon, berries, or even honey. All you have to do is sprinkle a little pink salt right onto the surface of the item you're preparing and seal it in with a layer of oil.

You can make the pink salt you use be anything you want. The possibilities are truly endless.

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