Maintenance Tips For Commercial HVAC Systems

By maintaining your HVAC system properly, business proprietors will help guarantee the comfort and safety of your employees. Every business owner should know the requirements to maintain most commercial HVAC systems.

The prerequisites for maintaining HVAC systems for commercial use are not the same as HVAC systems for residences. And, maintenance of commercial services is dependent upon the occupancy of the building. 

commercial hvac maintenance

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Factory occupancy isn’t the same as workplace occupancy. The production of dust, for example, which is greater in certain factories, will cause you to replace the filters more often.

For residential use, filters get replaced once or twice in a year if homeowners have been taught to change them every month. However, in a commercial occupancy, filters changed at least five times in a year, that’s once every 3 weeks. 

In a commercial HVAC system, the heat exchanger should  be scrutinized daily especially if it’s located externally, which is common.

The heat exchanger is likely to malfunction, resulting in poor efficiency and efficacy. It can start with just a hairline fracture, which may not be detectable, but if the crack increases then the difficulty becomes serious. Thus, your HVAC system should be checked daily so that the condition can still be saved.

Your HVAC system should be inspected and serviced by specialists. A system that’s correctly maintained not only prevents ailments but also results in the relaxation of the workers, which means they are constantly healthy and productive.

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