Is Baby Powder Safe?

Baby powder is a type of hygienic or cosmetic powder made of:



Arrowroot or other powder

The powder is often used to prevent or treat nappy rash around the baby's buttocks and genital area. Women also generally use this powder on their genitals to lessen feminine odor. Adult men and women can also use baby powder on other parts of their body to relieve rashes or friction on the skin.

What controversy?

According to media reports, more than 6,600 lawsuits have been filed against the baby powder Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the majority of women who have been detected with ovarian cancer. If you are thinking to file a lawsuits against a company, you must first gather info that who can file a talcum powder cancer lawsuit?

They state that they got cancer from the use of powder on their genitals.  Many scientific studies published since the 1970s suggest that long-term use of baby powder on the female genitalia is associated with a slightly increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Asbestos is a type of mineral. This happened near the natural reserve of mineral powder. It has been linked directly to cancer. There is some concern that asbestos may contaminate the powder mined for human use.

The risk of ovarian cancer is caused by the use of baby powder that is less clear. Scientists first began investigating a possible link between the use of powder and cancer when they found powder particles in female ovarian tumors.

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