Different ways to Store an Open Wine Bottle


People who have been drinking wine for a while understand the meaning behind the short life cycle of a bottle of wine. According to experts, it is important to consume the wine ASAP once the bottle is opened. However, there are people who do not wish to consume at a go and decide to store it carefully. If you’re wondering how a bottle of wine is stored, then these are a few ways you should consider doing it.

  1. By Using a Cork – There is a reason behind the existence of a cork. Consider using a cork that will help to maintain the flavors and life cycle of wine in the longer run.
  2. By Using a Fridge – Storing a wine not only depends on using a cork but also on cool temperature. In the case of an individual living in warmer region, a great way to store the wine bottle is inside a fridge. The temperature inside the fridge is enough for the wine to maintain its flavors and life cycle. Make sure you are placing the wine bottle in an upright position instead of sideways.
  3. Beneficial Tips for Opened Red Wine Bottles – This tip is for those who do not have access to a fridge. In such cases, ensure you are storing the wine bottle in a cool environment and kept away from direct rays of the sun. Moreover, ensure the wine bottle is standing upright and not in sideways position.

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