Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing


A well-established business knows how powerful marketing as a tool is when it comes to generating profit. Not just for generating profit, marketing helps the business to bring more business by attracting more customers. Initially, there was only traditional marketing where companies would use this as a tool. But as times change, a new form of marketing called digital marketing has been on the rise for the past few years. If you are aspiring to pursue a career in digital or traditional marketing, these are the differences you must know.

First the definition of the 2 forms of marketing:

  • Traditional Marketing – This is the old form of marketing that comprises of putting banners, fact-to-face sales, etc. The drawback of this form of marketing would be time-consuming and expensive especially for new companies.
  • Digital Marketing – This is the new form of marketing where companies use digital platforms to promote their product and service to customers.

Now, a few Differences:

  • Money – If you are on a tight-budget, then digital marketing would be the best choice.
  • Reaching the Customers – Reaching global audience on a quicker scale is offered by digital over traditional marketing.
  • Rate of Communication – As majority of the population remains online, the rate of communication is way-faster by digital marketing.
  • Workplace – Traditional marketing professionals are often, required to move from places to places along with needing an office to sit and do additional work. On the other hand, digital marketing experts only require a laptop and internet access to work.

Get more information by speaking to a few digital marketing professionals.

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