The Healing Properties of Dead Sea Salt

Those who come to visit the Dead Sea are not aware of the amazing healing properties of salt from the Dead Sea. At first glance, the two seem to be very different. However, there are many similarities between these two forms of salt.

Salt from the Dead Sea comes from a saltwater spring. It has been harvested for thousands of years and is almost like an oasis in a desert of commercialized salt. Nowadays, the products produced in the Dead Sea include spa treatments and herbal supplements.

The Dead Sea salt used to be included in household fertilizers and is still widely used. It is mined using underground wells. The process used to remove the salt and resins is called "dewatering." This is done with rotating drums or cylinders that drill deep into the ground and extract the salt from the earth.

The Dead Sea Salt is shipped to an industrial plant that processes the product. There, it is stored in large containers. It travels by container truck from one state to another as it circulates through a nation.

The shipping of the Dead Sea salt is done via ocean freighters and tankers. These ships are constantly moving from one port to another. They use alternate routes as well as the north and south directions.

The Dead Sea salt is processed. It undergoes what is called the "flash point" process. In this process, the salt is at its melting point. This makes it very easy to dissolve.

The Dead Sea salt is packaged and shipped. There are lots of processing plants, where the salt is packaged in small and large blocks. This enables it to go from the product manufacturer to the final consumer.

The Dead Sea salt can be bought directly from the manufacturer. Another option is to go to a specialized site where bulk quantities of the salt can be purchased in bulk. This is not usually done. The stores usually buy it in small quantities and try to get it to customers quickly.

The Dead Sea salt comes in a number of packaging options. These include plastic tubs, metal cans, stainless steel boxes, and even sacks that are sewn closed. No matter where the salt is purchased, it is often used for spa treatments.

This kind of treatment is only done in spas and not in most homes. It does not burn the skin. It is purely therapeutic. It helps the body to heal itself.

Salt from the Dead Sea can be found in a variety of places. It can be found at health food stores. It can also be found in groceries, gas stations, supermarkets, and even at online sites. This gives the consumer a lot of choices.

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