Revolutionary Automated Industrial Paint System Saves Available Space

Industrial process includes a method known as paint finishing. The step comes at the final stage of the manufacturing of parts for the product. Parts are painted usually through automatic spray painting. To finish paint, a process known as powder coatings can be used.

A powder coat system sprays charged particles to the surface of the part. These paint particles are charged by the electrostatic method. After the parts coated with the paint-power, it goes into the oven. Heat the oven so that the paint powder and liquid paints fuse to form a solid layer. You can get turn-key powder coating booth at

Powder coat systems are usually automated to give a perfect finish to the machine in question. While most auto paint system is programmable, some carrying a distinct disadvantage.

These losses automated paint system includes major components, standard-issue parts that are not adjustable and disadvantages of a reverse track-able.

Fortunately, Finishing can supply spare parts tailored to meet virtually any finishing operation. Our final system is modular and can be assembled in any location customer’s desire.

Other systems need to be built from the ground up and cannot be removed once they are installed. Customers have more freedom of movement in putting their finishing systems on their property.

Finishing using a conveyor-based system is unique. Conveyor move parts through paint booths, washing machine and oven curing in a continuous loop. This reduces installation time by approximately half with a 30 percent smaller footprint compared to older systems.

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