Preventing Your New Home From Termites Infestation

Termite infestation is a global issue. The last thing an owner of a house wants to hear is that they have got a termite issue. Getting rid of these pests from a house once they have built a colony is challenging and best left to pros.

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The best way to stop these destructive pests from coming into a home is to make the place uninviting and unattractive to them. You can do this in many ways:

Eliminate the food source:

Wood is the food source for the termites, so keep all waste lumber away from the house. Start looking for termite-resistant items when constructing a house or including a wooden structure to your lawn. Wood could be treated to withstand the bugs or choose naturally-resistant hardwoods.

Keep things dry:

Dripping pipes can create a moist and moist environment, which the termites love. Fix any leaks and be sure that the subfloors of the home are well-aerated and drain correctly. Eliminate anything that could produce damp conditions around the house’s foundation.

Inspect the home:

Frequent inspections during times of heavy action like summer and spring can help you know what is normal for your house and what isn't. This helps homeowners to identify the areas that are decaying or getting feeble or even grab the intruders before they do too much destruction.

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