Enjoy A Star-Light Evening In The Sand Dunes Of Dubai

Experience the excitement filled in overnight desert safari in Dubai to extend your Middle East heritage experience.  We offer our guests the amazing desert safari overnight stay to give them a fun-filled glance to the Middle Eastern culture and desert lifestyle.

The overnight desert safari extends your Dubai heritage experience with an overnight stay under the moon and starlight sky at our cap site. You can also browse to https://www.dubaidesertride.com/overnight-stay-in-desert-safari/ to get more information about an overnight desert safari in Dubai.

It allows you to take a step back in time and experience how Dubai was about 5 decades back. The evenings present an incredible view of the sun dropping under the horizon and you can watch a falcon soar near you.

The Dubai desert overnight stays at your Bedouin camp is accompanied by several traditional Middle Eastern activities giving a glimpse of their lifestyles like henna tattooing, camel ride, sand boarding, sipping the traditional kahwa, belly dancing, tanoura dancing and many more.

As you approach the campsite, you are welcomed to a traditional Arabic campsite where you are served the welcome drinks. Afterward, you can choose to indulge in different activities as you have a complete evening to experience different shades of desert.

You can dress yourselves in the traditional outfits to click some of the most outstanding pictures. You can also enjoy an aromatic sheeshah, the traditional Middle Eastern water pipe in a variety of flavors.

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