Commercial Laundry Rail System

The commercial laundry industry has like most industries, had to change its attitude to the way it carries out its operation by a strong adherence to a strong health and safety regime.

This is not only because there are several legal requirements in the commercial laundry operation but also because it is a safe and efficient way of operation. Commercial laundry rail system increases efficiency and minimizes labor. 


Good adherence to a good health and safety operation will not only please the workforce it will invariably reduce the cost of operation and clean up.

It is no longer acceptable to consider that everything is safe as laundry can be contaminated prior to leaving the customer and its soiled condition can be transferred to washing equipment and then both operators and another laundry very quickly.

The checking system starts at the beginning and the source of the washing should be checked for any stray problems. These can be from minor problems through to blood and airborne pathogens and these must be dealt with correctly.

If in doubt then make sure that there is a separation of products from different customers and different items. Firstly the laundry staff must be protected from coming into direct contact with soiled laundry and if there is any chance of airborne contamination the laundry must be covered throughout the period where the operator can be at risk.

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