Global Distribution System For Flight Booking

Global Distribution System and the airline is none other than a centralized computerized reservation platform that provides information about and enable global flight booking.

It is a centralized repository of tickets allows users to search, find and book air tickets on various airlines operating in certain sectors. You can get complete information about GDS global distribution system and internet distribution system (IDS) via reading online.

global distribution system, internet distribution system

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GDS evolution has gone through successive phases of development, and initially, the system is used by individual airline companies to provide automated booking system for flights on their own. After that, there is also a request by the agent to have access to this system so as to enable them to book air tickets for their passengers.

GDS has become a useful tool to find a seat inventory at different airlines globally. It is used both by the airlines and by agencies booking flights to. Since some of the main distribution system is a third-party source, there are costs associated with the purchase of a ticket from their inventory listed.

It should be noted that the initial GDS meant low but the system is now also used for hotel reservations and taxis as well. Furthermore, GDS was developed in an era when computers and the Internet was not developed and used to provide e-commerce on a large scale as is happening now.

Therefore, this is a very important source for information on the availability of seats on various airlines. The situation has changed now since airlines now attract customers to make reservations directly from their own websites.


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