A Gentler Way To Get Skinny

Areas such as the belly, arms and thighs are prone to fat build up which can be difficult to get rid of. One option for reducing this problem is a surgical procedure known as liposuction.

However, it can often be a risky procedure with problems and side effects. There is now a gentler remedy that does the same job called Tumescent Lip sculpture. You can also learn best tips to get skinny via www.waytoskinny.com/

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While this procedure takes a little longer to perform, it has added steps that will cut down on the post-surgery recovery time as well as minimize the amount of bruising.

Initially, a fluid that combines saline, lidocaine and epinephrine is applied to the area being worked on. This formulation provides a topical anesthesia as well as numbing the blood vessels in the area of the surgery.

Without this step, patients are more likely to experience heavy bruises and tenderness and the body will need more time to heal after the surgery.

The tools used to perform the suction are very small, reducing the size of the incisions needed to remove the fat deposits.

In fact, the cannulas used in lip sculpture are about the size of the tip of a pen. This refined instrument allows for a precise removal of fat, with much less chance of any lumps or deposits being left behind.

The final phase of this procedure involves a laser attached to the cannulas to break up the fat. The heat from the laser promotes quicker recovery and reduces the amount of bleeding involved.

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