The Essentials of Feeding and Watering Your Horse

Even more important for horses than humans, good food and water supplies are very important for horse health.

Horses naturally spend most of their time chewing, swallowing, and digesting it. Like most farm animals, the digestive system of horses is meant to be constantly on the go and to process large amounts of fibrous food which we feel is very unlikely.

To give your horse the best chance in a long, happy life, I will describe the basics of food and water for your horse. You can also click online websites if you are interested in buying race horse supplements

Food for your horse

There is an understandable disagreement about the best food for horses. However, there are so many factors to consider, and each horse is unique in a different environment.

Each horse has different nutritional needs. Where and how the horse lives, the age of the horse, what type of work the horse is, and the physiology of the horse itself affects the optimal diet.

In general, horses that are ridden hard in demanding disciplines, such as cattle work, need more calories than horses used for ordinary road use.

Therefore, the advice below will give you a strong understanding of the needs of most horses. The horse vet will be your best source for your horse's specific food needs.

He will have access to horse records and will be familiar with his nutritional needs. He will also be more aware of the types of straw available locally for your animal. What is abundant in one part of the country may be far more expensive in another.

Straw basically consists of plants that have been cut, dried and baled. There are two types of hay, legumes and grass.

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