Choosing a Door Entry System and Effective Building Access Control

Effective and automatic door entry systems provide building control ensuring that only authorized people get access to your buildings.

Common Door Entry Systems

Access control systems can range from basic code-entry systems through to biometric readers and beyond. Security access can be controlled from a single door reader through to a networked system. All types of reader technology can be used which can even be covering multiple sites and link together on a single master control computer. To buy the best access control system you can choose Commercial Access Control Systems – Ryalex Security Pty Ltd.

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A system must be matched to individual needs. Some things to consider are whether a single card access system or multiple site access facilities is needed for a large security system. The chosen system also has to take into account building types, function, and size. Whichever system you opt for, fast and easy access is essential to prevent employee frustration.

Common Access Control Systems include:

– Zoned or timed access

– Biometric Fingerprint Access Systems

– Card Access Systems

– Trespass Exclusion Technology

Deterring theft and vandalism and balancing this against installing an entry system is an easy choice. The latest access control systems reduce employee frustration as they allow ease of entry while restricting unwanted visitors. If you are considering either multiple site access or access to a single door you will find a system that suits.

Access Control Systems and the Future

The future for security access control is in individual recognition technology. Biometric entry control goes beyond fingerprinting access and uses computerized facial recognition for the tracking of individuals.

Biometric systems recognize individuals not only from their fingerprints, but alternative systems are based on iris and voice recognition readers. This allows easy and fast entry for legitimate personnel.

New technology is being released all the time, but one that is used in banks and with high-value equipment is the use of smart water technology. This puts invisible marks on intruders, making them easily identifiable by the forensic science service.

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