Multiple Sclerosis Misdiagnosis – Why This Happens?

Multiple sclerosis has a series of symptoms similar to a number of other diseases including autoimmune, infectious, vascular and other diseases. This can increase the likelihood of misdiagnosis so it is very important for you to confirm the diagnosis of MS or one of the other diseases that can mimic MS is correct.

Presentation problems that vary among sufferers and a number of diseases that have similar MS symptoms can cause difficulties for doctors not only with the diagnosis but also with treatment. Sometimes you may get serious side effects either because of the bad treatment or due to the medicine such as Lemtrada which is being used for the treatment. Hence there are many laws which are made specifically for the victims of MS. You can contact lemtrada stroke lawyer to get any type of information regarding the medical injury lawsuits.

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How is MS diagnosed?

Doctors need an accurate family and personal history that details information about all risk factors such as neurological problems in the family, geographic locations you have lived in, substance abuse, reactions to heat, drugs are taken, past surgery, illness, and allergies.

You should tell the doctor about any symptoms you have experienced, when the symptoms begin, information about what you do when you experience it can also provide insight to the doctor about the diagnosis.

Many symptoms resemble MS symptoms including extreme fatigue, sensitivity to sunlight or light, aches, swollen joints, and spasms.






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