Take Benefits Of Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel sheet has been welded by SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), the Sheet isn’t just burning through but also poor fusion. It’s very easy to make sufficiently of sand absorbency.

The first step would be to butt welding and adjusting the welding line. Second step would be to weld by shielded metal arc welding. The DIA of the electrode is 2.5mm using the grade: J422. The welding power is 40-80A. Arc voltage is 14-20V. The weld rate is 18-25cm/min.

You may also buy ‘galvanized steel joint‘(which is also known as ‘ข้อต่อเหล็กชุบสังกะสี‘ in the Thai language) through online websites at reasonable prices.

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There’s a coating of Zinc on the surface of galvanized Steel Sheet so some little explosion would happen during the welding procedure. When the form of welding line is awful after the burst, there’ll be a good deal of sand porosities after cleaning the weld line.

If the electric current is strong, the 2mm-thickness galvanized sheet will be penetrated, which render the galvanized sheets with different large or little welding overlaps. If the electric current is tender, the welding area of the sheet wouldn’t be burned thoroughly. The combination is awful, so the weld line is easily fall off.

To start with, SMAW is quite tricky to control for the Electric Present, Arc Voltage and the distance between electrode and sheets.

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