Queen City of The South Travel Guide

When you are traveling to the Philippines, you should at least visit Cebu City, also known as The Queen City of The South, before you leave the country. Cebu City is a well-known place for every tourist visiting Philippines. Cebu has so many beautiful destinations to choose from depending on what kind of adventure or activity you are specifically looking for. You can visit places such as beaches, sites that are rich with history, places that were built during Spanish era, untouched islands, diving and snorkeling areas, resorts, natural landscapes and many more available options to choose for your Cebu tour package. 

Traveling to Cebu in a last-minute decision is not a problem anymore, since there’s a lot of tour agencies and operators that will help you with your stay in Cebu. You just have to look for the best tour agency to cater all your needs without delay and with honesty. There’s a lot of agencies in Cebu and Lapu-Lapu to choose from, you just have to choose whatever you feel like credible and would fit for your needs. 


TIPS on choosing an agency

  • Look for a certified and credible tour agency using any search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and choose from the list that was presented. 
  • Visit their website or social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) 
  • Check the reviews if it has good or bad feedbacks from the people who availed from them before 
  • In checking a review or feedback, consider also on looking for the person who reviewed or gave a feedback to see if it’s a real account or a dummy account. 
  • Ask everything you want to know about the company or the Cebu tour package you want to avail, or any tour package per se. 
  • Also consider the rates of their tour. Some agencies are asking way too high. Do some extra effort in looking for a cheaper and affordable tour price. 


Having your unplanned vacation in Cebu City isn’t a problem at all with the help of a tour agency, your Cebu City adventure will be worth to cherish! Don’t hesitate to ask or even look for an agency, not all are scammers and fraud. It will only take an extra effort to look for an honest and credible agency.

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