Install Solid Wood Floors in Your Home

As far as natural attractions and durability are concerned, wood is the main choice for us. Whether it's in the living room, family room, and dining room and others part of the house, wood floors will always be considered as the main choice for homeowners.

However, many homeowners not too interested in using solid wood floors in the bathroom because of the wood contracts and expands because of moisture and can cause rot if it stays in contact with water for a long time. You can install different types of wood flooring in your home. Rubio monocoat wood flooring is also a good option for your home.

If you are in Chicago then you can easily get Rubio monocoat floor installation and refinishing. You can find best Rubio monocoat floors in Chicago via plus hardware flooring.

Solid wood flooring is mostly required by the people. Solid wood floors can be used in bathrooms during proper finishing carried out and necessary care and maintenance observed by the homeowner.

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Pre-Installation of Solid Wood Flooring

Make sure that your new solid wood floor is placed on the floor, smooth, structurally and clean ground floor. Before you start with your actual wood installation floor, it is very important that this is stacked indoors for several days so that the wood can adjust to the level of humidity in your home.

Follow the installation plan where solid wood floors are mounted perpendicular your floor beam. The location of the beam floor along the wall must be marked for reference. The lower floor must be covered with a felt asphalt layer to minimize creaking and to prevent moisture accumulation.

Make a center line where solid wood floors will be installed. If you install a wooden floor in a room that is not a perfect box, place a line is in a parallel position to your middle line and rip side groove at an angle that is parallel to your wall.

Don't fail to put a few lines of the board during installation and stagger the board is such way that the end joint is not more than half a foot to the end together from the next line. After installation of solid wood floor is complete then sanding and finishing will be performed.

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