How to Customize Your Computer?

First off like building a car you need to pick out the chassis in the IT industry this is your case. Some may come with more fans a power supply or nothing at all.

If you go to some sites you may see those selling cases with cathode ray tubes for lights and power supplies that are all good.

Just find something that you like and that you think looks cool. This is because it will soon be your computer and if you don't like the case you won’t like it. 

Now that we have the case picked out we need to look at motherboards or mainboards. These are the two most used terms for the starting point of the brains of the computer.

This board will take several types of hardware to make it run successfully such as a processor, PCI cards, and much more. You will need to look for a board that is within your budget. The most common form factors for the motherboard are ATX and mini-atx or even ITX.

Depending on the size of your case you will need the appropriate board. For instance, you CAN NOT fit an ATX board into a mini-atx case and or vice versa.

Image result for apevia power supply

Mini Itx Power Supply and Apevia Power Supply- Megatech Distributor needs a case where mounting holes line up with your board.

Most cases today have the ability for multiple configurations to make mounting easier. Now one big tip would be to make sure there are NO loose bits of metal, and or foreign objects as this will short out your new board. Consult your board’s directions for the proper way to mount your board.

There are many different brands of boards out there so I will not even begin to go into that. One of the main factors you will want to consider when getting a board is the type of processor you want to put in it.

They are both reliable producers of processors though you once again cannot stick an Intel processor in the slot for an AMD board.  A popular type of processor that is from Intel is a socket 775 processor. The processor will usually come with instructions to properly install your processor and fan.

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