Joint Supplements for Horses – Why Horses Need Joint Support

Horses have evolved to spend most of their time with their heads to the ground eating grass. This posture stretches the back and continual browsing keeps joints and muscles constantly moving. When we stable our horses we put them into a much more sedentary environment. You can browse to know more about the tb1000 horse supplements.

Joint assistance

Definitely, appropriate physical exercise regimes are very important but nutrition also plays its role. Any horse using osteoarthritis is very likely to get looser and suffer further pain while the weather becomes colder.

This could curb the aggravation from the ends of these bones which are tougher than they should be on account of the illness. A more sedentary lifestyle also means that horses and ponies are at greater risk of becoming or staying overweight.

Overweight animals put more strain on their joints and risk all sorts of other complications. Restricting food intake may be essential but this risks causing a whole range of vitamin, mineral and other nutritional deficiencies with various detrimental knock-on effects from poor immunity to laminitis

Soft-tissue assistance

Joint supplements are a controversial area and much is written about the ability of horses to absorb many of the ingredients commonly used. Readers should satisfy themselves that products are well formulated – the strongest is not necessarily the best!

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