How To Use Responsive Email Programs For Email Marketing

The fast-growing popularity of mobile devices has ignited a lifelong spark in the mobile revolution. Usage of mobile phones has grown rapidly around the world. Today, people spend more time on E-message marketing and seeing emails in their Smartphone’s than notebooks and desktops.

How To Use Responsive Email Programs For Email Marketing

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Every day, we're greeted with emails that aim sale of a product or updates associated with the product. You may have received some visually attractive emails that lack compatibility with mobile devices which makes it hard for you to see them on your own Smartphone.

Responsive email templates would be the best solution for this issue. However, the question is what exactly responsive email is! Here's the simplest answer. 

Here's a list of a few things that should be considered while designing responsive templates:

Pick the pre-header and be creative in your approach. Use the top-left region of an email template to portray the subject of the email.

Since all of the email clients don't display images by default. Always use minimum images on your email and prevent it to the headings.

Use bold fonts to emphasize headings and catch the customer's interest.

Use readily available system fonts to be able to minimize screen errors.

Take particular care about the font sizes or you'll wind up screwing up the design. Get in the habit of placing a 13 point font size by default.

It's great to wrap the email content in two tables to get improved efficiency.

The dimensions of switches shouldn't be less than 44×44 pixels. The smaller size buttons may be clicked badly on mobile devices.

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