Rules for Planting Spring Annuals


All annuals (plants) require care and consideration. Without them, annuals cannot grow properly. Annuals come in different size, shape, and colorand therefore, you have to ensure proper growth. These are some of the rules for planting spring annuals.

1. Prepare some space – Overwatering or drainage is the main cause for annuals. It causes the stems to rot, or leads to formation of fungus. If you use containers for planting then you need to make sure that it has a few holes at the bottom. This makes it easier for the water to reach the root of the annual. Use pebbles while adding soil inside the container. Also, try using prepared soil so that the water easily reachesthe roots of the plants.

2. Figure out the right place and the right plant – Plantation depends on the lighting conditions. Plants such as caladiums, begonias and impatiens prefer low-light conditions. On the other hand, vincas and lantanas prefer bright conditions. Once you understand the lighting conditions of annuals, nothing can go wrong.

3. Design your space – Planting annuals in containers depend on – Thriller, filler and spiller rule. The tallest plant is the thriller which is placed on the center part (this becomes your focal point).Filler is located at the bottom of the thriller adding depth and dimension. Spiller is something that casually falls down on the edge of the container. Play with these 3 for more depth annual display.

Landscaping on Sydney, inner west part of Australia has perfect conditions for planting spring annuals.

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