Things to know before placing any order for lanyards


In the organizations employees need the lanyards because as they need to carry their ID cards for easy recognition and access to entry. In most of the cases companies invest decently on lanyard as they need best quality lanyard to represent their brand. Printed logo on lanyards helps in managing the brand image of the company. There are variety of lanyards and company need to buy them as per their requirement. There are many things which needs to be considered while purchasing the lanyard;

Safety: There are two kind of lanyard one is breakaway and the other is non-breakaway. From the prospect of safety breakaway are much safer. In case if the lanyard gets stuck somewhere then it is beneficial that it gets break easily.

Style: There are different style of lanyards. Round braid as well as flat braid lanyards are the most common among all. Many companies demand eco friend lanyard and these are available in either bamboo or recycled plastic.

Custom Lanyard: Many companies and school demand for custom lanyard where the logo or the mission statements are printed, and these type lanyards are present in every kind of color and style. Conference lanyards are also customized one.

Attachment s In Lanyard: Every lanyard have different kind of attachment as most common is hook and other attachments are bulldog clips, swivel hook and cell phone hook.

Lanyard are one of the most important things for representing the corporate employees, school students and similarly others and hence its selection must be done in appropriate manner.

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