What Are Chemotherapy Side Effects?

Throughout the treatment, Chemotherapy creates excess toxins within the body. So during the chemotherapy, there is a need for a particular diet which must serve two functions; initial help your system to throw away the toxins, and next to the diet must NOT produce toxins.

Another perspective on cancer in an Ayurveda natural health care system is that cancer is due to three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (Air, Fire, and Earth energies) gone out of balance in our own body. These imbalanced energies may be the reason for cancerous cell growth and increased radicals within the body.

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Thus also from an Ayurvedic perspective, on one hand, diet through chemotherapy should help flush out the toxins, and on the flip side, the diet shouldn’t produce greater toxicity in your body.

Ayurveda Cancer Research in India discovered a Subsequent diet valuable in reducing the intensity of a number of those side effects :

— Vegetarian diet according to sour green veggies

— Grains low in starch

— Utilization of ginger and spices

— Bitter veggies no sweet fruits

— Restrict meats, heavy fatty fried foods, sugar-rich foods, ice-cold beverages, and alcohol

Additionally, they discovered the diet isn’t just beneficial through chemotherapy but also beneficial for several months following the chemotherapy process is completed.

The main reason to keep is simply to assist the body keep its detox. Therefore a patient needs to track their position with their doctor and consult the Ayurvedic practitioner.

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