Tips for Buying Estate Jewelry for Your Mother

Every woman enjoys a beautiful piece of jewelry. But there are a few things that you need to know before going out to purchase that jewelry to be certain that you don't spend too much or do not land using a fake piece of jewelry. Estate jewelry is an excellent option for gifting it to your mother. 

Quality jewelry is not reasonable so before you start shopping check all the information from friends, and family members and find out which shops or internet sites they use to buying jewelry from.  

If you have been speaking with a sales representative then write down all of the information they have given you like the shops policy on returns and refunds.

If you are looking to buy estate jewelry for your mother then you can simply visit

Be aware of buying fake jewelry

Gold plated isn't 14 karat gold. Some may try to convince and make you believe that but it’s simply not so. 14K jewelry consists of 14 parts of gold blended with 10 components of a metal.


You need to choose which type is ideal for your Mother. You will also need to discover just how long the guarantee is and what it covers.

Recognize Gemstones

You have to understand the difference between a pure stone that comes from mother earth along with a synthetic or lab created gemstone that's manmade.

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