The Most Important Aspect When Choosing a Boarding Cat

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The Most Important Aspect When Choosing a Boarding Cat

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The most essential ingredient to any boarding cat is the proprietor. All of the spit and polish, the fancy music, the live TV cameras, and other frills are meaningless without the right mentality of the team from the owner on down. It is really the same as any company, but crucial once you're speaking about the care of beautiful living animals.

The owner sets the tone in a number of important areas.

Mission Statement (or unwritten philosophy): This is the core statement of the owner about what his company is to accomplish. It's necessarily general in nature, but big in import. If you can get a mission statement focused on health, comfort, and safety of the pets, you get an excellent start.

Workers: The boarding cat owner is the person who hires those who will be caring for the pets. His range of these he will entrust the wellbeing of the pets he boards is a must. Those employees have to be animal lovers. This is not easy to determine unless the possible employee has pets.

Training: This is where the work begins in earnest for the boarding cat owner. Longevity of this employment is the most helpful. Having to train new workers frequently suggests that the staff is, normally, less trained.

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