Learn about this amazing fruit juice for gout and arthritis

The internet is loaded with blogs about people talking about the wonders of cherries. Montmorency cherries are a particularly good species of tart or black cherry. Just to clear that up, tart cherries are the same as black cherries. The darker color of the Montmorency, Balaton, Danube, English Morello, and Jubilee cherries are indicative of their higher antioxidant levels. It is these antioxidants, anthocyanin to be specific, that account for the awesome health benefits of cherries and their juice.

The pharmaceutical companies are a bit distressed about all this. Since tart cherry juice actually outperforms many pain medications without any side effects except a smile, they have decided to take offense. Their watchdog, the FDA, has sent out warnings to many manufacturers of cherry juice and cherry juice supplements. To learn more about how to reduce gout and arthritis using natural fruit juice, then please click here.

The purpose of these warnings is to stop companies from making unsubstantiated claims about the healthy benefits of cherries. Evidently, the FDA hasn't studied this natural and delicious food for potential health benefits. My question is, "Why not?"

If the FDA really had our best interests in mind, wouldn't they spend money searching for natural, inexpensive, and side-effect-free ways to prevent disease? If thousands of people are seeing good results with cherry concentrates and other natural products, why not study them? I won't hold my breath waiting for an answer.

Instead, I am going to continue eating cherries and drinking cherry fruit juices. I would encourage you to do the same. Here in our cherries section we have pages on the benefits of this juice and specific pages on its benefits for gout and arthritis.

Benefits of Cherries and their Juice: Cherries are good for so many conditions. Did you know that regular consumption of cherries or black cherry extract can help with pain relief, arthritis, gout, inflammation, sleep disorders, tendonitis, colitis and even acne? Read this section to find out how all the antioxidants present in cherries can rebalance acidic pH conditions and even dissolve uric acid crystals.

Black Cherry Juice and Gout: In research studies black cherries have been shown to be extremely effective for inflammation, arthritis and gout. Numerous studies show that drinking tart cherries can lower uric acid levels and rebalance pH levels, both of which contribute to lessening the effects of arthritis and gout. In my work as a Nutritionist I've watched scores of people experience reduction of symptoms after starting a daily cherry habit. Read this article about gout and black cherries to find out more about it.


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