Atherosclerosis – Unknown Cause However a Treatable Condition

I've concerned with the Doctor regarding atherosclerosis. He said it even before I had my next angioplasty; my blood pressure has been reasonably controlled in addition to my blood glucose that was 6.35 percent at the A1C test. My cholesterol level was OK though based on him, the ratio between HDL and LDL might have been improved. To get more info about atherosclerosis you may lead to

The blood includes many substances that time progressively hardens inside the arteries and also become plaque. These chemicals include fat, cholesterol and calcium. When enough of them accumulate in the blood vessels, oxygen-rich blood is prevented from flowing freely to the different areas of the human body, particularly vital organs like the heart.

My coronary artery disease (CAD) was really caused by this type of plaque formation onto my blood vessels. Prior to my diagnosis, I did not sense any sign or signs and that I just realized that really I undergone some but decided to ignore them not understanding what they intended.

My very first cardiologist over ten years ago encouraged me to possess a radical lifestyle change, which meant intense dieting and regular exercise not to mention diligence in carrying my medication. I followed his guidance although there were times I neglected to keep this up, I endured.

In reality, one of my errors was to quit taking the cholesterol lowering medicine he gave me. I honestly thought there wasn't any need to carry it as I said, my cholesterol level was within the acceptable selection. Now I know otherwise.

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